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Case Study in Depth

Custom Design and Award Manufacture is a complex and creative art form. To make a cool design is one thing, but to make a cool design that you can actually build is another! Here is a Case Study that shows our process from start to finish. (Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.)

Program: Leadership Club
Program Duration: Ten Years or longer
Challenge: Each year, a new and creative concept based on the annual leadership club destination
Theme: Travel
Opportunity: 100 Top Corporate Achieversa sampling of the many processes we use to make awards.

  1. Concept Sketch: Like all artists, we doodle. Sometimes the best ideas start on a cocktail napkin.
  2. Design & Renderings: With basic concepts in mind, we start the complicated business of designing awards using multiple materials and production processes, and figure out a way to make them work together. For this program, the customer wanted a “Caribbean” or “Pirate and Treasure” theme.
  3. Customer Feedback: At this stage the customer reviews initial renderings, and suggests changes or new direction. After reviewing the designs, they decided against the “Pirate and Treasure” theme, opting for the tropical island concept.
  4. Final Presentation & Renderings: With input and approval from the customer, we revise and enhance final design concepts and build a professional presentation.
  5. Finished Award: The finished award is complete and ready for delivery!