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Winning Edge, Inc. is dedicated to making a positive difference in the community around us.

Winning Edge, Inc. has a long history of community involvement. Starting locally, we regularly gather donations for the local food shelf and organize clothing drives for local shelters. Employees are active donors to United Way and the multitude of community projects that are under its broad umbrella- locally, in the state and beyond.

Around the holidays, we have a fun tradition. We draw names from a hat and buy each other gifts, toys that we think a co-worker would have liked as a child or teenager. We have a holiday party and unwrap the gifts as a group- it’s a blast! We then donate the toys to Toys for Tots. It is fun to share as a group and even more rewarding knowing we are making a difference in a child’s life during the holidays.

Winning Edge, Inc. donates awards to numerous charitable foundations like March of Dimes, Hammer Foundation, Helping Paws, and other organizations that directly benefit those in need in our local area and state.

Please visit these links below if you are interested in learning more about the charities that Winning Edge, Inc. is involved in.