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Eco Mission & Practices

“Green” Workplace and Mission

eco-globeIn an effort to be more corporately responsible and proactive, we are continually making strides to reduce our carbon footprint. Simple things like installing automated thermostats throughout our offices and factory have reduced our energy consumption by 15% annually.

New high efficiency light bulbs emit more natural light and are easier on the eyes, are brighter, and use significantly less energy. Replacing old weather stripping on doors and windows helps keep our facility warmer in those cold Minnesota winters and cooler in summers, conserving energy. Updated manufacturing systems and software and refined internal communication practices have reduced our paper consumption dramatically.

We recycle and/or re-use factory cutoffs whenever possible. And of course we have recycle bins at each user station for paper, aluminum and plastics. We are continually looking for ways to improve our green practices, and will continue to be innovative in new products and factory practices that preserve and promote a healthy environment.