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Eco Statement

In the past few years there has been a massive influx of “Green” or “Eco-friendly” products flooding the advertising specialty market.  It can be confusing, and in many cases, downright misleading.  Let’s see how Winning Edge, Inc. defines “Green”.


Our eco-friendly products are backed up with certification and documentation.  We offer Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) products like wood frames and panels, and fast growing, sustainable materials like Bamboo.  100% recycled core EcoMats for our framed awards and more.  Glass products made from 100% post consumer waste.   In shipping, we use recycled paper packaging and biodegradable packaging peanuts.  Every little bit makes a difference to our environment.

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EcoFriendly for 35 Years!

In 1986 we introduced an innovative new product that is now commonplace in the industry- Handmade Paper Awards. At the time, it was an innovative, artistic product that made a great award.  Now, it is all of that, but is also a great example of an earth-friendly material. Made from a combination of recycled paper pulp, by-product fiber scraps from harvesting cotton, and, better yet, re-USED cotton scrap from factory cutoffs, our handmade paper is about as eco-friendly as it gets. No extra chemicals, bleaches, varnishes, binders, glues, toxins- just beautiful, clean, pure paper.  And, it is locally made by an artist, so there is virtually no environmental impact from fuel or transportation costs. We have dozens of EcoFriendly products and materials to choose from!