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Why Symbolic Awards?

Why use Symbolic Recognition?

There are many ways to recognize employees. Cash cards, merchandise, garments, and even simple words of encouragement can do the job….the list goes on and on. Good employees are vital to the success of your company, and retaining them is critical to your future. If you are not recognizing your top achievers, you risk losing the very people that make it all possible. It goes without saying that any recognition is good, as it shows your appreciation and motivates employees to reach new levels of achievement.

But not all forms of recognition are necessary equal. Why should you consider a Winning Edge, Inc. symbolic award over other forms of recognition?

Permanence • Value • Retention


While cash cards, merchandise, clothing and other recognition products are nice, they usually don’t last very long. A cash card pays for a tank of gas and the gift is forgotten half a mile down the road. And we’ve all heard the reports…a good percentage of cash card gifts are never spent at all, or expire before you can use them! Garments fade in the wash, and eventually wear out or go out of style. Electronic merchandise is outdated by the time the newest device is released (that's about every 5 minutes!). Although these types of gifts satisfy an immediate desire that an individual may have, and show your appreciation to a deserving employee for their accomplishments, let’s face it- these types of gifts have a limited life span.

A symbolic award, however, stands the test of time. Proudly displayed in a cubicle, office, or at home, it is the ultimate recognition for a job well done. It is an award that will remind them of their achievements for the rest of their lives, a permanent reminder that you cared enough to do something for them beyond the ordinary.


A symbolic award has an intrinsic value that goes beyond and exceeds that of an expendable or disposable item. Its permanence is its value, and by giving a symbolic award the message is clear- you appreciate that employee. One of Winning Edge, Inc.’s custom designed awards, hand-crafted in the U.S. by our artisans, is a unique gesture of appreciation that can be cherished for a lifetime.


In today’s corporate climate, it is essential to retain your talented and productive employees. A symbolic award of permanence and value goes above and beyond a casual disposable gift. It lasts forever, and says to your employee that your relationship is forever.

Give a Winning Edge, Inc. symbolic award. A gift that is truly timeless.